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John Dalton - Director, Sales & Business Development

Areas of expertise

  • Creating tremendously effective sales organisations
  • Developing sales leadership
  • Architecting sales methodologies bespoke to individual clients and their markets
  • Developing sales capability
  • Sales coaching and developing sales coaches
  • Training others to hire, develop and manage highly performing sales teams
  • Sales consulting


Special interests

  • Partnering with clients to create highly effective sales methodologies tailored to their markets, products and business culture
  • Creating transformation change within sales teams and sales organisations
  • Developing consultative selling capability; within teams and at each level in an organisation
  • Sourcing and winning complex sales; leaving this capability within individuals and organisations
  • Building “modern” empowered, accountable sales cultures


Business experience

John is a highly experienced leader, programme director, consultant and sales coach. For 13 years he has worked in Sales and Sales Leadership within the technology and professional services sectors in the UK and internationally.

For 4 years John held the position of Managing Director of the SAS UK. SAS is one of the world’s largest privately owned software companies, providing enterprise-wide statistical, analytics and business intelligence solutions and services to solve major business issues. John successfully led the introduction a new business wide sales methodology called “solutions selling”. He personally supported, trained and coached Sales Executives and Sales Leaders to develop the required mind and skills-set and apply the “solutions selling” methodology to source and win big-ticket complex solutions sales that addressed critical business needs and issues.

John engaged Performance Impact to provide a “leading transformational change” programme run in parallel with the “solutions selling” programme. The transformational change programme equipped the senior leaders of SAS UK with the skills, approaches and knowledge to effectively lead the enterprise level sales force transformation. It also introduced John to the possibility of becoming a future leader for Performance Impact

By the time John Dalton left SAS the “solutions selling” approach was deeply in the DNA of the organisation and the senior leadership group were automatically leading their teams in a transformed and highly effective way.

Subsequently John has significantly contributed to the successful development of many larger and smaller sales organisations including with Selling Sciences, who own the widely-known Solution Selling® sales framework and methodology. John coached and trained clients of Selling Sciences to adopt the Solution Selling® sales framework and methodology to transform the sales organisations of global technology and services providers in the UK, India, Greece, Austria and Italy.


Consulting, leadership and coaching approach

Throughout his career John’s main focus has been on developing the sales capability of individuals and organisations in the technology and professional services sectors to address critical business issues through direct and partner sales models.

John quickly understands the challenges, demands and need of his clients. He partners with them to create practical solutions that lead to long term, sustainable value and the professional development of the people in his client’s organisations.

What makes’ Ann special as a programme leader and as a transformational coach, are qualities that become apparent when you spend a few minutes with her, and just a few minutes may well be enough for her laser sharp insight to have a profoundly positive effect on you.

John’s clients frequently say that his enthusiasm, knowledge and insights has immediate and long term positive effect on moral, motivation and on key performance indicators, including on the bottom line.