Prior to every engagement clients specify the areas in which they want to produce results. Performance Impact programmes deliver these results in a way that is measurable and frequently exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our clients experience substantial benefits immediately and this matures into lasting transformation. These positive benefits ripple out to positively impact the energy, motivation and commitment of colleagues, associates and stakeholders.

We have worked with clients from around the world to successfully address challenges such as start-up, rapid growth, maturity, uncertainty, merger, acquisition, implementation of social and environmental policies, outsourcing, fulfilling project ambitions,  moving from private to public (or public to private) ownership.

For organisations this has provided competitive advantage, growth and increased profitability and for individuals this has allowed them to realise personal potential and have a life that works.

The following testimonials are illustrative of what our clients say about their experience of working with Performance Impact.

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“It was one of the best experiences of my career and it greatly exceeded my expectation. It created the platform for fundamental change across our business. Immediately and over the medium term we substantially improved our bottom line and we were able to achieve the best results in our global organisation. As a result we received an award for the most effective implementation of the firm’s new international strategy.”

CEO, International Insurance business

“Without a shadow of a doubt this was the best leadership course I’ve been on. I got a lot more from it than from the other training sessions.”

Managing Director, Commerce, Netherlands

“I’ve been on a number of leadership programmes that were run very differently. I found this course the most valuable due to the facilitation of understanding, having new tools to lead and manage my business and getting exposure to the most senior leaders in our organisation. The other programmes that I attended simply provided knowledge and subject information. This programme provided a great deal more that has been immediately applicable in my day-to-day work.”

Managing Director, Professional Services, London

“Now I understand the importance of not giving my managers the answer to every question they ask because this makes them too reliant on me and they don’t think for themselves. Instead I learned how to question them until they come up with solutions themselves.”

Associate Director, Financial Services, London

“It’s been enormously helpful to understand how my personal leadership style and my attitude to individuals & situations affect those around me. Now I am much more responsible for managing how I come across and how I respond to situations. This is getting me much better results and I’m more relaxed and comfortable in my job.”

Managing Director, Commerce, Asia

“After completing the programme I can’t believe that I did not do to it before. I’ve been in my role of Managing Director for 2 years. If I’d done it 18 months earlier I would have approached my job very differently and had a much better result. What I leaned on the programme immediately made a big difference to how I approach things.”

Managing Director, Professional Services, London

“Now I understand that there is a ‘science’ behind the way you can lead a business and this has been very helpful.”

Associate Director, Professional Services, London

“It’s difficult to pick a most valuable part of the leadership training I did with Performance Impact. I found some parts instantly helpful like how to create and powerfully express an empowering context for my leadership, and how to manage myself and others through transitions. Later I found using the Three Act Approach and other tools exceptionally valuable. Now I use all these Performance Impact leadership tools as a routine part of my job”.

Associate Director, Professional Services, International Accounts

“Getting to know colleagues from other parts of my organisation that are on the same journey, has enabled me to build powerful partnerships which are helping me to get my job done with a great deal more ease.”

Managing Director, Professional Services, Hong Kong

“Before the programme the Associate Directors in our organisation did not know each other. We were focused on our own jobs and our own business areas. We certainly did not collaborate with each other. Now there is an incredibly good bond between everyone. We are supporting each other in many ways and this has contributed to winning new business and successfully implementing some very challenging projects.”

Associate Director, Professional Services, Europe

“I really feel a ‘forum’ was created of confidence and union in cause that has allowed us all to have performance breakthroughs. Shared issues, shared ideas and shared skills are enabling us to be better than we can be as individuals striving alone.”

Associate Director, Financial Services, London


“You know this already but it is important for me to tell you that you have changed my life. I am now closer to the person I always wanted to be, and I knew I could be. I could feel all this potential inside, but I could never find the way to develop myself in a truly, genuine and authentic way. As a result of the coaching work we have done together, I have found the resources I needed to lose my anxiety and most important of all I have become a more attractive person to others and to myself.”

Director, Investment Banking, New York

“For ten years I had been a Director in the Professional Services industry. Now I have a new career as a qualified doctor in a top London teaching hospital. My coach helped me to find the confidence to pursue this very different career path. She provided an amazing amount of support and she skilfully guided me though the challenge of passing several demanding exams and interviews. We were both delighted when I received offers to study medicine, as a mature student, from two of the best medical schools in the world. I truly believe that I would not have had the confidence to embark upon such a major career change without the support of my Performance Impact coach.”

Medical Doctor, previously Real Estate Professional, London

“My Performance Impact coach supported me through a five month period to obtain a much bigger role with my current employer. In my new job, I will relocate from Madrid to New York, where I will manage a team of five direct reports in three different locations (Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires) and I will be responsible for the growth of the company’s business across the whole of Latin America. My coach was hugely instrumental in the successful outcome of this personal project. I would not have got this excellent outcome without her.“

Managing Director, world- wide rating agency

“My coach reached to the core of who I am as a person. She woke up my passion and she helped me to establish a realistic plan to reach my immediate and medium term goals. I saw that it was possible to reach my goals in a way that matched my talents, skills and life-style requirements. I felt very positive about what I would be able to achieve and over a relatively short period I‘ve been successful in realising my aspirations”.

Associate Director, Investment Banking, Spain

“I am applying what I learned during my coaching programme to a wide range of situations including dealing with client complaints, team planning, structuring our growth strategies and staff appraisals”.

Managing Director, Professional Services, Singapore

“What I leaned in my coaching programme has been very easy to apply. It is relevant to everyday situations from small to major and from operational to strategic. Many of the tools enable you to see the bigger picture and remain independent of the issue so that you can keep perspective to find the right solution”.

Managing Director, Professional Services, London

“My coaching programme with Performance Impact allowed me to step back and look at myself. It helped me to realise that I am not perfect and there are lots of ways I can improve. It was reassuring to realise that others also struggle with the things I find difficult as a leader”.

Technical Director, Engineering, London

“The coaching with Performance Impact provided a great deal of insight and clarity about leadership, exceptional leaders, my role as a leader and the importance of developing more leaders for my organisation”.

Regional CEO, Professional Services, EMEA

“As I’ve taken on more and senior leadership roles I’ve found myself in an increasingly lonely place. Having a Performance Impact coach has been enormously valuable on many levels.”

CEO, Professional Services, Asia

“My coaching programme with Performance Impact exceeded my expectations in a great many ways. It made an immediately, positive impact on how I approach my job and I have incorporated the Performance Impact approach into how I develop other leaders in my organisation”.

Managing Director, Professional Services, Hong Kong

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