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Our approach to coaching a project is highly effective and results orientated. It creates a community of leaders within the client environment who are connected, networked and support each other to fulfil shared aspirations, leaving a legacy of skills, capabilities and networks available for future projects and initiatives.

Performance Impact project coaching supports leaders of substantial or strategically important projects to:

  • Produce breakthrough results that create competitive advantage
  • Create highly effective thinking, behaving and working
  • Accelerate project implementation
  • Ignite and harness natural creativity
  • Catalyse change
  • Generate positive energy and motivation around a project or strategic initiative

Clients are provided with an easy to apply “toolbox” containing highly effective approaches for addressing many of the challenging aspects of large or strategically important projects. Application of the toolbox ensures a consistent, overarching approach for setting up and implementing large or strategically important, multi-strand initiatives.

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Programme overview

Each programme is bespoke to the needs of the individual client and challenges of the client’s project.

A typical project coaching programme takes place over a six to twelve month period and substantially contributes towards realisation of the project objectives by:


  • Addressing the context, current and desired situation in the project
  • Creating an environment where issues can be raised, addressed and resolved to produce breakthrough results
  • Supporting the project team to effectively deal with the inevitable issues that arise in the course of the project
  • Aligning and integrating team members so they become highly effective much more rapidly than would normally be the case


Programme structure

A typical programme includes Foundation and Momentum workshops plus individual coaching for selected team members that address issues such as:


  • How to set up and manage multi-strand projects or initiatives for optimal results
  • How to secure the buy-in of key stakeholder and others to objectives, desired outcomes, intended ways of working, aspirations etc.
  • Dealing with resistance by being clear about purpose, intention, approach, priorities, values
  • Engaging others and securing their buy-in rather than putting up with the status quo or manipulating people to achieve desired results
  • Building effective partnerships with key stakeholders who are critical to the desired outcomes
  • Sourcing, selecting and engaging the right staff
  • Resolving of complex issues
  • Leading through the project life cycle; focusing on what’s most important in each stage
  • Understanding what motivates different groups and individuals
  • Managing time, dealing with competing priorities, keeping balance and perspective



To ensure effective use of the Performance Impact project coaching programme, participants are asked to do specific preparation before the Foundation and the Consolidation workshops that include:


  • Objectively reviewing what’s working well and not so well in each area of the project and overall
  • Understanding their personal leadership style, how they prefer to work and how best to bring their contribution
  • Identifying aspects of the project requiring a performance “breakthrough”
  • Identifying issues that need to be worked on during a workshop
  • Getting clear about the status of critical strands of the project that are impacting immediately and that will impact the medium term future of the project
  • Collecting feedback about the “shadow” they cast as professionals and how this is impacting the project
  • Understanding their personal and professional development needs


Additionally participants are asked to read relevant papers, case studies or articles.


Consulting support

Performance Impact undertakes a significant amount of preparation to ensure the effectiveness of each project coaching programme. This allows our client facing days to be highly effective. The Performance Impact programme director, will design each project coaching programme by applying our Realising Performance Potential consulting methodology to the particular needs of the client and the client’s project.

It is the combination of the design of each project coaching programme, the Performance Impact Leadership Principles used during the programme and the experience and skill of the Performance Impact Programme Leader that creates the conditions for the substantial, measurable results that are the hallmark of Performance Impact’s work.

In addition to the actual time Performance Impact spends working directly with the client’s project team/s, we typically include the following consulting work in each project coaching programme:


Consulting with sponsor to gain an understanding of

  • The current situation in the project
  • The existing culture/operating style of the organisation and the project team
  • The desired culture/operating style of the project
  • Priorities and issues needing to be addressed by senior project leaders
  • Performance expectation and priorities of the project in the immediate and medium term


Customisation of programme

Brief sponsor to prepare them to

  • Set up the desired environment for the project coaching programme
  • Play their role to achieve maximum impact

De-brief sponsor and support them to lead the work forward



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