Leadership coaching


Our leadership coaching programme is for those already in a leadership role.

Typically each programme takes place over six to twelve months and consists of fifteen to thirty hours coaching, planned as two hours coaching every four to six weeks plus telephone coaching taken as required.

Every programme is bespoke to the needs of the individual client and is designed to fulfil the goals and objectives that the client develops during the initial coaching meetings.

Leadership coaching focuses on significantly raising the client’s personal effectiveness and on impacting the results of the business they are responsible for in a substantial, measurable way.

Every coaching programme includes our core coaching framework plus specialist coaching relevant to the goals and personal situation of each client. The client sets the agenda of each coaching session. The coach is focused on facilitating the client to experience “breakthrough” in the area of greatest importance to them at the time

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In the course of a typical programme we work on aspects of leadership such as:


  • Understanding and influencing the market
  • Developing purpose and vision
  • Creating the conditions that allow stakeholders to buy-in
  • Recruiting and developing a high performance team
  • Developing a high level of situational leadership skills
  • Managing through the performance cycle
  • Developing successors and high potential future leaders
  • Leading change and transformation
  • Leading in uncertain times or in challenging market conditions
  • Effectively managing implementation so that their vision becomes a reality
  • Being highly effective in a multi-cultural environment
  • Developing and sustaining the company’s unique point of difference
  • Achieving high productivity whist maintaining an appropriate life balance
  • Displaying charisma and passion; not ego or arrogance
  • Being respected for sound judgement, commercial acumen and personal credibility
  • Mastering self-awareness
  • Cultivating presence


Our coaches support clients to reliably access a zone of high performance where personal and business results are well beyond what was previously considered possible. This is achieved by supporting the client to fully develop their unique personal contribution, by empowering them to take leadership in areas they are passionate about, by mastering self-awareness and by cultivating presence.


A client’s feedback about their leadership coaching programme

“I am applying what I learned during my coaching programme to a wide range of situations including dealing with client complaints, team planning, structuring our growth strategies and appraising my staff”.

Managing Director, Profession Services, Singapore



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