Methodology underpinning Performance Impact’s work


The Realising Performance Potential© approach is unique and different. It taps into each person’s natural abilities, and ignites the creativity and power in organisations; bringing transformation to business and freeing the potential in individuals.

Drawing on 25 years of business experience and personal development, Ann Bates has developed the Realising Performance Potential© consulting methodology, the proprietary approach used by Performance Impact to create breakthrough results for individuals and organisations.

Clients experientially increase their personal awareness and gain access to commercial, social and emotional intelligence in a way that is practical, integrated, exceptionally powerful, distinctive and not available in programmes that are based on traditional teaching and learning methods.

The Realising Performance Potential© approach produces breakthrough results in a wide range of situations; including areas such as performance, leadership, change, sales effectiveness, realising project ambitions, life and life style.

Performance Impact is able to create lasting transformational change in a short time frame with individuals and with a large number of people. We also transfer this capability into the organisations of our clients, allowing them to use the Realising Performance Potential© approach as a natural part of their expression and their work.

The Realising Performance Potential©  methodology is based on the principles of experiential and non linear learning, incorporating our “Three Act Approach” and Performance Impact’s “High Performance Principles”:

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Experiential Learning: Performance Impact Coaches, Consultants and Programme Directors engage clients in open, dynamic discussions; rather than providing an “expert” view of what might be done whist the client take notes and follows instructions. During Performance Impact’s programmes clients are encourages, supported and empowered to take responsibility for their own learning and to be accountable for the results that they produce. This approach is substantially different from traditional teaching where the emphasis is on theory, conceptual understanding and intellectual knowledge.

“Three Act Approach: Our ‘Three Act Approach’ enables clients to deal effectively with challenges of all types: practical, tactical, strategic and personal. The approach allows people to break out of unhelpful or redundant behaviour patterns and to produce ‘breakthrough’ results in any area. For example: dealing with challenging work issues, influencing others, making critical decisions under pressure, motivating others and fulfilling commitments.

Performance Impact “High Performance Principles”: Our Coaches, Consultants and Programme Directors use a range of High Performance Principles from our toolbox to support clients to have “performance breakthroughs”.

Examples of our High Performance Principles include:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Powerful partnerships
  • “Buy-in”
  • Leading in the “new paradigm”
  • Tipping point and transformational change
  • Conditions for “performance breakthrough”

These “High Performance Principles” create performance breakthroughs that produce results that exceed expectations on many levels.


Realising Performance Potential© Licence

Enquiries concerning the granting of a licence to use Performance Impact proprietary methods, technologies or High Performance Principles must be made in writing to Ann Bates at Performance Impact Ltd.

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