Creating champion leadership teams


Performance Impact creates champion teams that produce exceptional result in the areas most important to the team and their sponsors.

We work with:

  • Executive teams
  • Management teams
  • Project teams
  • Teams of collaborators
  • Teams of professionals


Though a series of workshops and coaching, Performance Impact creates the conditions for exceptional team work that leads to:

  • Highly effective thinking, behaving and working
  • Breakthrough results
  • Positive change
  • Creativity, energy and motivation within the wider enterprise


Bespoke to the clients need

A typical programme will address the most challenging issues the team are dealing with. These may include some of the following:


  • Creating a shared agenda
  • Adopting the values and practices of champion teams
  • Understanding the needs and priorities of stakeholders
  • Securing stakeholder buy-in
  • Appreciating different leadership roles
  • Understanding personal leadership styles
  • How to work effectively with those with a different leadership style
  • Building powerful partnerships
  • The limitations of the "traditional leadership paradigm"
  • The “new leadership paradigm” and the benefits of working in this paradigm
  • Skills and approaches for the “new paradigm”
  • Creating the conditions for “performance breakthrough”
  • Working towards the tipping point of transformational change
  • Dissolving resistance rather than putting up with the status quo
  • Effectively managing time
  • Dealing with competing priorities
  • Providing what is most important in each stage of a transformation agenda
  • Keeping balance and perspective
  • Becoming an authentic leader
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Developing self-awareness


Each programme has the following stages

Consulting with the programme sponsor to gain an understanding of

  • The current situation in the team
  • The culture/operating style of the organisations represented in the project team
  • The desired culture/operating style of the team
  • Issues needing to be addressed by the team
  • Performance expectation and priorities of the team in the immediate and medium term


Customisation of each workshop

Briefing programme sponsor

  • To set up the environment for the overall programme and each aspect
  • To enable them to play their role in the programme to achieve maximum impact

Delivery of workshops

Individual coaching

De-briefing the sponsor

In addition to supporting the team to fulfil their ambitions, this programme creates a community of leaders who are connected, networked, supporting each other. This is a permanent legacy of capability in the client organisation; extremely valuable for many other purposes.



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