Unique Value


The Performance Impact approach is unique and different – it taps into each person’s natural abilities, and ignites the creativity and power in organisations. It brings transformation to business and frees the potential in individuals.

Performance Impact is able to create lasting transformational change in a short time frame with individuals and with a large number of people. We also transfer this capability into the organisations of our clients, allowing them to use the Realising Performance Potential© approach as a natural part of their expression and their work.

The Realising Performance Potential©  methodology is based on the principles of experiential and non linear learning, incorporating our “Three Act Approach” and Performance Impact’s “High Performance Principles”:

Our clients say that the results that they achieve as a result of applying the Performance Impact approach greatly exceeded their expectations. Clients  experientially increase their personal awareness and gain access to commercial, social and emotional intelligence in a way that is practical, integrated, exceptionally powerful, distinctive and not available in programmes that are based on traditional teaching and learning methods. Clients are provided with an easy to apply “leadership toolbox” containing highly effective approaches for addressing the most challenging aspects of their work.

Scope and impact

Our programmes are practical, effective, results orientated and valuable for leaders at all levels. Clients are equipped to:

  • Produce breakthrough results that create competitive advantage for organisations
  • Create highly effective thinking, behaving and working
  • Accelerate strategy implementation
  • Ignite and harness natural creativity
  • Catalyse change
  • Energise growth

Performance Impact programmes create a community of leaders within the client’s environment who are connected, networked and supportive of each other to fulfil shared aspirations. Our programmes leave a legacy of skills, capabilities and networks in the client’s environment for future projects and initiatives.

Target audience

  • CEO’s
  • Leadership teams
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of professional services
  • High potential future leaders
  • Professionals in any discipline or field of expertise


Graduates of Performance Impact Programmes

Graduates of our programmes have the skills and capabilities to:

  • Build high performance organisations
  • Create an environment that harnesses the natural creativity in people
  • Create the conditions for performance breakthroughs
  • Have the awareness, tools and skills to be emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Apply their strengths and motivation to realise personal and business potential
  • Think strategically
  • Understand the “shadow” they cast as leaders and are responsible for how this impacts their organisation.
  • Understand the limitations of the “traditional leadership paradigm” and chose to lead from a “new paradigm” of leadership
  • Are clear about the strategic priorities relevant to the maturity of their organisations
  • Demonstrate integrity, accountability and balance in all aspects of their work


Values and guiding principles

The following values and guiding principles underpin every aspect of Performance Impact’s work. They are the foundation from which exceptional results are achieved by our individual and our corporate clients:


Partnership: Our client relationships are based on partnership. Our approach is doubly focused; we build extraordinary partnerships with our clients and in turn show our clients how to build extremely effective partnerships with their customers and within their organisations.

Simplicity: Performance Impact understands people and organisations, allowing change and performance potential to be realised in a natural and uncomplicated way.

Capability: We transfer and leave new capabilities with our clients and their organisations. Long after Performance Impact has delivered results, clients flourish using the approaches, skills and tools they have acquired during their relationship with us. Our legacy is permanent positive change.

Method: Our methodology is practical, creative and results orientated. It frees potential, creates new capabilities and focuses the energy of people. When applied to projects, goals and aspirations the results are outstanding as well as measurable over the immediate and medium term.

Potential:Our approach allows Performance Potential to be realised to its fullest extent. The people we work with come alive and experience their untapped potential; businesses ignite and transform.

Communication: Our approach comes from a deep understanding of what it takes for people to truly engage and “buy-in”. We create authentic two-way communication within our client’s organisations and between clients and their various stakeholders

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