Manager coaching


Our manager coaching programmes are for those already responsible for a team or who aspire to leading a team in the immediate or medium term future.

Typically each programme takes place over six to twelve months and consists of fifteen to thirty hours coaching, planned as two hours coaching every four to six weeks, plus telephone coaching taken as required.

Each programme is bespoke to the needs of the individual client and is designed to fulfil the goals and objectives that the client develops during the initial coaching meetings.

Every coaching programme includes our core coaching framework plus specialist coaching relevant to the goals and personal situation of each client. The agenda of each session within a coaching programme is set by the client; with the attention of the coach being on what is needed for the client to experience “breaking through” in the area most important at the time.

In the course of a typical manager coaching programme, we work on aspects of management and leadership such as:


  • Understanding the needs and priorities of stakeholders
  • Securing the buy-in of others to objectives, intended ways of working and aspirations
  • Engaging others, securing their support rather than putting up with how things are
  • Making powerful, authentic, engaging proposals
  • Effectively managing time and resources
  • Selecting people with the desired, skills, experience, values and motivation
  • Engendering the values and practices of champion teams
  • Dealing with conflict, challenges and resistance
  • Understanding how to motivate people with different needs
  • Delegating and holding others to account
  • Developing situational leadership skills
  • Dealing with competing priorities
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Keeping balance & perspective
  • Developing self awareness
  • Cultivating presence


Our coaches support clients to access a zone of high performance where results are substantially beyond what was previously possible. This is achieved by supporting the client to recognise their unique personal contribution, empowering them to pursue what they are most passionate about, by developing their self-awareness and by cultivating presence.


A client’s feedback

“My coaching programme exceeded my expectations in a great many ways. It made an immediately, positive impact on how I approach my job. I have incorporated the Performance Impact approach into how I run my team, how I support our customers and how I develop the people that are reporting to me”. 

Associate Director, Professional Services, London



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