Career coaching


Each programme is individually designed to allow the client to uncover their unique personal contribution to the world or work; discover what they are most passionate about; put in place the support and development that allows their unique contribution to be expressed in the most, effective, personally rewarding way in their work.

For some clients it is possible to achieve this in their current role or somewhere in their current organisation. Where this is not possible we coach and support the client to find and secure the right opportunity elsewhere.

Typically a career programme takes place over six to twelve months and consists of fifteen to thirty hours coaching. Every programme is bespoke to the needs of the individual client and is designed to fulfil the goals and objectives that the client develops during the initial coaching meetings.

A typical career coaching programme has four stages:


  • Situation and life review
  • Unique contribution, capability and needs assessment
Winding path


Goal setting and preparation

  • Developing career aspirations that express the client’s unique personal contribution and support what is most important in the client’s life
  • Understanding the most important requirements of their next role
  • Developing a plan to realise these aspirations
  • Creating an effective personal marketing plan
  • Developing personal marketing materials


Taking action

  • Resolution of issues arising from the current work situation
  • Dealing powerfully with issues that arise whilst forwarding their implementation plan
  • Preparing for interviews and other important meetings
  • Review and ongoing support
  • Managing the offer and acceptance process so the client gets what they really want
  • Setting up for a great start in their new role or for what’s next in an existing role


Programme completion

  • Reviewing what has been achieved
  • Capturing important learning so it can be reapplied
  • Programme completion


As part of a career-coaching programme, some clients want to work on developing their management or leadership capability or other aspects of their life as well as their careers. When this is required we incorporate elements of other Performance Impact coaching programmes into a holistic, fully integrated programme for the client.


A client’s feedback

“My Performance Impact coach supported me through a five month period to obtain a much bigger role with my current employer. I have relocated from Madrid to New York, where I manage a team of five direct reports in three different locations (Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires). I am now responsible for the growth of the company’s business across the whole of Latin America. My coach was hugely instrumental in the successful outcome of this personal project. I would not have got this excellent outcome without her“.

Managing Director, world- wide rating agency



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