Creating high performance selling organisations

Performance Impact builds sustainable, long-term capability in the client organisation, so the client develops and retains everything needed to continuously improve their sales leadership and sales success.

Audience for programme

  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Others who develop new business for their organisations


Characteristics of highly performing sales organisations

Leading and developing an effective, sustainable sales capability is, in many ways, like playing sports at the top. The game can be extremely strategic, tactical and technical with professionals needing to play their specialisms at the level of a master. Under pressure, some challenges will be particularly demanding. However; well-organised and effectively coached teams committed to fulfil their aspirations can be tremendously successful in the face of challenging circumstances and significant opposition.


Highly successful sales people inhabit their clients’ world, understand their needs and provide real, new value beyond what the client originally expressed.

It is our experience that such sales professionals have a totally different mind and skills-set compared to what is usual in sales communities. It is also our experience that such sales professionals are lead by individuals with a different approach than most leaders. This is not possible from a traditional selling qualification process or from traditional sales KPI’s. Creativity, flexibility and innovation are needed within a framework that sales professionals can practise routinely. Although different, these unusual mind and skills-sets can be learned reasonably easily.

Performance Impact is uniquely equipped to train, develop and support sales organisations and sales teams to acquire what distinguishes the most successful sales people. We have a great deal of experience partnering with senior leaders in organisations to design, deliver and support enterprise level transformation in selling capability. This results in new value for all concerned and most importantly leads to a healthy, growing stream of new business.


Transforming sales results

Performance Impact’s focus is on ensuring that the leaders in our client’s sales teams, team members and the overall organisation develop more and more ways to continuously improve and become self-sustaining.


Stage 1 - Selling methodology, mind and skills-set

In partnership with the programme sponsors, Performance Impact will:

  • Identify the selling tasks that aren’t done and are key to creating and winning new business that will strengthen capacity and generate more new business
  • Determine the specific selling tasks and activities sales people finds difficult today
  • Identify and witness who in the organisation does the “difficult” things well already
  • Establishes what excellence looks like and how it can be achieved
  • Build a “framework of tasks and skills” to be addressed by sales professionals and sales teams to effectively source and win new business
  • Provide a bespoke programme for senior & front line sales leaders to master the “new and the difficult” sales tasks themselves
  • Provide a programme and support structure to create “sales coaches”
  • Train sales professionals to become competent in the “new and the difficult” sales tasks
  • Monitor and measure progress


Stage 2 – Sales leader programme

The programme addresses the role of the senior and front line leaders as leaders of business development within the organisation. Positioned within an aspirational context of the client’s overall business, it is highly motivational and empowering. It addresses the challenges of the external market specific to the current and medium term future of the client’s business. It enables sales leaders to master the “new and the difficult” sales tasks required to create and win new business themselves.


Stage 3 – Creating sales coaches

Once the senior and front line sales leaders have mastered the “new and the difficult” sales tasks and skills themselves, Performance Impact trains and supports the senior and front line sales leaders to coach their teams to do the “new and the difficult” tasks and skills well; ensuring these capabilities are in-bed in the organisation to secure long term future success for all.


Stage 4 – Training sales professionals

In partnership with the clients’ senior leaders, Performance Impact trains sales professionals to reach a high level of competence in the “new and the difficult” sales tasks.


Stage 5 – Outcomes and results

In collaboration with the programme sponsors, Performance Impact quantifies the intended impact of the programme, tracks progress and monitors results of participants and the overall organisation.

We always intend there will be:

  • An increase in new business in the short, medium and long term
  • A growth in new business winning capabilities throughout the organisation
  • An improving, broadening quality and value of relationships with clients for the benefit of both parties
  • A self-perpetuating culture of continuous improvement left in the organisation
  • Improved career development for all



Please contact us for more information about Performance Impact, Sales and Sales leadership programmes and to discuss your needs and requirements.