Coaching Academy


Performance Impact coaching programmes allow both individuals and teams to access their full potential and to produce outstanding, measurable results that are a reflection of that potential.


 Target audience

  • CEO’s
  • Executives
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of professional services
  • High potential future leaders
  • Project leaders
  • Managers
  • Executive and leadership teams
  • Professionals in any discipline or field of expertise

Clients are in the following situations

  • Experiencing a major challenge
  • Already producing good results and wanting to excel
  • On the learning curve of a new role 
  • Facing an unfamiliar situation 
  • Wanting to progress their career
  • In a career transition


Coaching approach

Our coaches use Performance Impact’s proprietary consulting methodology called Realising Performance Potential© which is developed from 25 years of business experience integrated with Eastern wisdom. This unique and powerful approach allows our coaches to quickly identify and address the key issues, create effective open dialogue and empower clients, enabling them to access to their full potential.

Many clients already have specific, ambitious goals in their personal and business lives that they want our help to accomplish over a three, six or a twelve month period. Other clients are looking for our help to understand their potential and how to go about realising that potential. 

Our coaches create a close, working partnership with every client. They apply our Realising Performance Potential© approach so that each client realises their goals, aspirations and objectives. Our Realising Performance Potential© approach reliably produces excellent results  in the areas prioritised by our clients irrespective of whether the clients’ goals, aspirations and objectives are bold, ground breaking, practical, operational or a mixture of all of these.


Coaching framework 

Typically a coaching programme consists of between twelve and eighteen hours coaching. It includes our core coaching framework and specialist coaching options that are customised to the client’s personal requirements.


Our core coaching framework consists of: 

  • Establishing programme objectives
  • Appraisal of current situation
  • Review of experience, skills and capability
  • Personal feedback from the coach
  • Goal setting and strategy planning
  • Taking action and dealing with the issues that arise
  • Ongoing review and support
  • Goals achieved
  • Programme review


When a client has a requirement in several areas for example in developing their career while at the same time improving their leadership and/or project management skills, we create bespoke programmes personalised to the client’s particular needs.

Coaching can also be taken in conjunction with other Performance Impact programmes; for example with our Fast Start programme for newly appointed leaders and with our Leadership Succession services.



All our coaches have extensive experience working with executives and senior leaders. Every coach has  at least 10 years business experience and they are skilled in the application of our Realising Performance Potential© methodology. We match the coach to the client to ensure an effective working relationship. Our coaches are passionate about what they do and they are completely committed to their clients success.


Every discussion that takes place between a Performance Impact client and their coach is confidential. Performance Impact does not report to or share any information with any third party unless the client has explicitly requested this and has agreed exactly what information should be shared, and with whom. 


We have a tiered fee structure reflecting the seniority of the individuals that we are working with, the complexity of the coaching assignment and its duration. 

Please contact us for information about our coaching fees.


Individuals - Typically our clients report that Performance Impact coaching greatly exceeds their expectations. Clients achieve personal and business goals, discover a new level of confidence, find it easy to make the right choices, and naturally find freedom, energy and enthusiasm. 


Colleagues and associates - As our clients become more productive and successful there is a “knock-on” positive effect on peers, colleagues and subordinates. Colleagues and associates are frequently inspired and energised by our clients’ newly acquired leadership and communication skills resulting in others being motivated to produce unexpectedly positive results themselves.


Organisations - Most business issues can be addressed rapidly to produce positive outcomes. Clients improve their ability to lead and manage people, to resolve conflicts, to gain the buy-in of others, to make sound decisions and to achieve more in less time. This has a significant and positive impact on the bottom line of the business, which can be measured in terms of new business opportunities, greater customer loyalty, improved project delivery, reduced staff turnover and more effective strategy implementation.

Why not start a conversation?

Life changing experience

You know this already but it is important for me to tell you that you have changed my life. I am now closer to the person I always wanted to be, and I knew I could be. I could feel all this potential inside, but I could never find the way to develop myself in a truly, genuine and authentic way. As a result of the coaching work we have done together, I have found the resources I needed to lose my anxiety and most important of all I have become a more attractive person to others and to myself.

Director, Investment Banking, New York

Major career transformation

For ten years I had been a Director in the Professional Services industry. Now I have a new career as a qualified doctor in a top London teaching hospital. My coach helped me to find the confidence to pursue this very different career path. She provided an amazing amount of support and she skilfully guided me though the challenge of passing several demanding exams and interviews. We were both delighted when I received offers to study medicine, as a mature student, from two of the best medical schools in the world. I truly believe that I would not have had the confidence to embark upon such a major career change without the support of my Performance Impact coach.

Medical Doctor, previously Real Estate Professional, London

Drama transformed into magic

My Performance Impact coach supported me through a five month period to obtain a much bigger role with my current employer. In my new job, I will relocate from Madrid to New York, where I will manage a team of five direct reports in three different locations (Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires) and I will be responsible for the growth of the company’s business across the whole of Latin America. My coach was hugely instrumental in the successful outcome of this personal project. I would not have got this excellent outcome without her.

Managing Director, world- wide rating agency

Passionate, practical, results orientated

My coach reached to the core of who I am as a person. She woke up my passion and she helped me to establish a realistic plan to reach my immediate and medium term goals. I saw that it was possible to reach my goals in a way that matched my talents, skills and life-style requirements. I felt very positive about what I would be able to achieve and over a relatively short period I‘ve been successful in realising my aspirations.

Associate Director, Investment Banking, Spain

Relevant, easy to apply, independent perspective

What I leaned in my coaching programme has been very easy to apply. It is relevant to everyday situations from small to major and from operational to strategic. Many of the tools enable you to see the bigger picture and remain independent of the issue so that you can keep perspective to find the right solution.

Managing Director, Professional Services, London

Alright not to be perfect

My coaching programme with Performance Impact allowed me to step back and look at myself. It helped me to realise that I am not perfect and there are lots of ways I can improve. It was reassuring to realise that others also struggle with the things I find difficult as a leader.

Technical Director, Engineering, London

Provided refreshing perspective on leadership

The coaching with Performance Impact provided a great deal of insight and clarity about leadership, exceptional leaders, my role as a leader and the importance of developing more leaders for my organisation.

Regional CEO, Professional Services, EMEA

Exceeded expectations

My coaching programme with Performance Impact exceeded my expectations in a great many ways. It made an immediately, positive impact on how I approach my job and I have incorporated the Performance Impact approach into how I develop other leaders in my organisation.

Managing Director, Professional Services, Hong Kong