Performance leadership programme


The Performance Leadership programme accelerates realisation of an organisation’s strategic goals and equips leaders at each level in the organisation with the skills, tools and attitudes needed to create the conditions for performance breakthrough and sustainable transformational change.

Audience for programme

  • CEOs and their Senior Leadership Team
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of Professional Services
  • High potential future leaders
  • Other categories of leaders as designated within a particular organisation

Participants are introduced to powerful leadership approaches and tools that facilitate the creation of challenging, supportive, entrepreneurial work environments, producing exceptional results. Participants apply what they learn to make a substantial, quickly noticeable difference to the situations they encounter at work; they “real-play” these situations, receive personal feedback and learn to “model” the leadership style that is most effective in the challenging environments in which organisations now operate.

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In-company and open programmes

We provide both in-company programmes tailored to the requirements of individual organisations and open programmes for leaders from different organisations.

Our programmes contain core material that is provided to all levels of leaders and other material that is for certain levels of leaders or categories of leaders.

The Performance Leadership programme consists of:

  • A two-day Foundation Workshop
  • Leadership assignments designed to produce performance “breakthroughs”
  • A two-day Consolidation Workshop


Programme outcomes

As a result of participation in our Performance Leadership programmes graduates are able to:

  • Build high performance organisations
  • Think strategically
  • Express an empowering context for their leadership
  • Understand the “shadow” they cast as leaders and take responsibility for how this impacts their organisation
  • Understand the limitations of the “traditional” leadership paradigm and choose to lead from a “new” paradigm of leadership
  • Are clear about the leadership roles most relevant to the maturity of their organisation and ensure these roles are occupied only by those with the required skills, experience & attributes
  • Have the awareness, tools and skills to be emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Apply their strengths and attributes to realise personal and business potential
  • Create the conditions for performance breakthrough; providing competitive advantage for their organisations
  • Demonstrate integrity, accountability and balance in all aspects of their work


Part 1 - Foundation Workshop

  • Qualities and attributes of highly successful leaders
  • Understanding leadership roles
  • How to build a powerful partnership with colleagues, subordinates and other stakeholders
  • Human design
  • Personal leadership styles
  • Merlin principle
  • Resolving issues using the “Three Act” approach
  • Planning using the Merlin principle
  • Creating an empowering context for seeking feedback about yourself as a leader
  • Mid-programme assignments

Part 2 - Consolidation Workshop

  • Review mid-programme assignments
  • Working with the principles of buy-in
  • Supporting, empowering & developing people with different levels of experience
  • Understanding what it takes to be effective in each stage of the business cycle
  • Appreciating the limitations of the “traditional” leadership paradigm
  • Realising the opportunity of a “new” paradigm of leadership
  • Understanding and being responsible for the “shadow” you cast as a leader
  • Techniques for managing your presence as a leader
  • Creating a “frame” for transformational results
  • Programme completion assignments


A clients feedback

"I’ve been on a number of leadership programmes that were run very differently. I found this programme provided by Performance Impact the most valuable due to the facilitation of a deep level understanding and having new tools to lead and manage my business. Other programmes that I attended simply provided knowledge and subject information. This programme provided a great deal more that has been immediately applicable in my day-to-day work."

Managing Director, Professional Services



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