Leading Transformational Change - London


The Performance Impact, Leading Transformational Change professional training is for those wishing to bring about substantial change in an entire organisation, a substantial part of an organisation, in a complex project or in other strategically important work.

The Performance Impact Leading Transformational Change programme is a multi-part training that includes professional supervision. It is available in London for participants from different organisations.

The programme will equip you to make a substantial, quickly noticeable, sustainable difference that brings about transformational change on a large scale. You will receive personal feedback on your professional practice and on how effectively you “model” the Performance Impact transformational leadership style that is highly effective in the challenging environments in which individuals and organisations operate. As a result you will be able to create lasting transformational change that substantially impacts individuals, teams and there wider organisation.


Part 1 - Foundation Workshop

  • Building powerful, multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Qualities and attributes of highly effective agents of change
  • Leadership roles & leadership styles; providing what is required for each situation
  • Principles of transformational change
  • Human design
  • Merlin principle
  • “Three Act” approach
  • Listening states
  • Developing reflective listening skills
  • How to create an agenda for transformational change
  • Mid-programme learning assignments for professional practice

Part 2 - Consolidation workshop

  • Review mid-programme assignments
  • Working with the principles of buy-in
  • Engaging, motivating and leading people with different interests & levels of experience
  • Stages in the transformation cycle; how to lead, manage and support each stage
  • Creating a “frame” for substantial transformational change
  • Centring yourself and managing your presence as an agent of change
  • Understanding and creating the conditions for performance breakthrough
  • Mid-programme learning assignments for professional practice

Programme dates

Foundation workshops – July, September & November

Consolidation workshops – September & November


Please contact us for more information about the Performance Impact, Leading Transformational Change professional training including information about dates and fees for our open programme.