The work of Performance Impact is focused on igniting leadership, developing leadership capability and creating communities of leaders around the world. Our approach taps into a person’s natural abilities, and inspires the creativity and power in organisations, which results in a lasting, positive, transformational impact.

Creating transformational change

Performance Impact is able to create lasting transformational change in a short time frame with individuals and with a large number of people. We also transfer this capability into the organisations of our clients, allowing them to use the Performance Impact Realising Performance Potential© approach as a natural part of their expression and their work.

We have long-term partnerships with a growing portfolio of clients around the world. Collectively we have worked with people from over one hundred different nationalities on four continents, and we are privileged to have had the opportunity to substantially contribute to some of the most important projects and challenges of our clients and their organisations.

The Performance Impact team come from a wide range of professional backgrounds that mirror the needs and professions of our clients. The majority of our team were Performance Impact clients before choosing to join us. Each of our consultants has fifteen to twenty five years commercial experience, combined with a deep understanding of what it takes for individual, teams and organisations to realise their potential.

Performance Impact around the world

  • Europe - UK, Continental Europe, Lithuania, Poland, Russia
  • Asia - Hong Kong, India, Singapore
  • Americas - New York
  • Australia - Sydney

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