Facilitator training – London


Facilitator training Foundation & Consolidation programmes for participants from different organisations are provided in London:


Part 1 Foundation Workshop (two days)

  • Qualities and attributes of highly effective programme leaders
  • How to create an effective environment for learning
  • Building powerful partnerships with participants, clients and other stakeholders
  • Human design
  • Merlin principle
  • “Three Act” approach
  • Listening states
  • Developing reflective listening skills
  • Practicing the elements of transformational consulting
  • Having an empowering context for seeking feedback about yourself as a programme leader
  • Mid programme assignments

Part 2- Consolidation workshop (two days)

  • Review mid programme assignments
  • Stages in professional development; how to support & develop people at each stage
  • Appreciating the limitations of the “traditional” leadership paradigm
  • Realising the opportunity of a “new” paradigm of leadership
  • Understanding the conditions for performance breakthrough
  • Working with the principles of buy-in
  • How to create a “ frame” for individual and team transformation
  • Understanding and being responsible for the “shadow” you cast as a programme leader
  • Techniques for centring yourself and managing your presence as a programme leader
  • Leaning assignments for professional practice


Programme dates

Foundation workshops – June, September & November

Consolidation workshops – June, September & November 

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