Mastering leadership – London


By invitation, for graduates of Performance Impact programmes

This programme will support and empower you to reach a level of mastery with the Performance Impact proprietary Realising Performance Potential© approach, so you can reliably create breakthroughs in your professional and personal life.


Part 1 – two days

  • Exploring  the Performance Impact professional development model
  • Developing  your capacity to support every stage of personal and professional development
  • Securing buy-in: to objectives, ways of working, conditions for transformational change
  • Moving through personal blocks, limiting beliefs and fixed behaviour patterns
  • Supporting others to go well beyond where they normally stop
  • Appreciating the limitations of the “traditional paradigm” for work and life
  • Exploring  the opportunities of a “new paradigm” for work and life
  • Adjusting  for social, cultural and individual differences
  • Expanding self awareness and presence
  • Creating a compelling aspirational long-term agenda for your work and your life
  • Assignments to deepen your capacity to work with the Realising Performance Potential© approach in a wide range of situations


Part 2 – two days

  • Securing alignment of important others to your goals and aspirations
  • Working in “partnership” with key stakeholders
  • Increasing your capacity to reliably create the conditions for performance breakthrough
  • Managing the critical path to realising personal and professional aspirations
  • Structuring conversations, meetings and projects for optimal results
  • Working with unconscious, uncentred or obsessive people
  • Holding disappointments and unfulfilled expectations
  • Acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments
  • Being responsible for the “shadow” you cast over others
  • Reliably maintaining balance & perspective
  • Providing effective leadership in uncertain times
  • The hero’s journey
  • Creating a “ frame” for the next stage in your personal and professional development


Programme dates

Part 1 - September & November

Part 2 - June, October & December

This is an integrated two-part programme, however it is possible to book each part independently.


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