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The Performance Impact Master Coach training programme is for people who want to develop the skills required to support others to access their full potential and to produce outstanding, measurable results that are a reflection of that potential.

These skills are essential for being an effective leader, manager or business professional in any discipline.

The programme is also for individuals wishing to develop coaching skills for their own professional coaching practice.

Performance Impact coaching methodology

We train participants to use Performance Impact’s own proprietary methodology, Realising Performance Potential©, to support others to produce breakthrough results in their professional and their personal life. This proprietary methodology has been developed by Ann Bates, the founder and Managing Director of Performance Impact. Ann developed the approach by combining the best of Western business practice with Eastern wisdom, utilizing more than 25 years of personal development.

The Realising Performance Potential© approach creates the conditions for clients to access their creativity and their full potential. The approach produces breakthrough results in a wide range of areas including performance, leadership, change, sales effectiveness, realising project ambitions, life situations and life-style.

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The Realising Performance Potential©  methodology is based on the principles of experiential learning and incorporates our “Three Act Approach” and Performance Impact’s “High Performance Principles”.

Experiential Learning: Performance Impact coaches engage clients in open, dynamic discussions rather than providing an “expert view” about “what to do” while the client takes notes and follows instructions. Clients are encouraged, supported and empowered to take responsibility for their own learning and to be accountable for the results that they produce. This approach is substantially different from traditional teaching where the emphasis is on theory, conceptual understanding and intellectual knowledge. 

“Three Act Approach”: Our “Three Act Approach” enables clients to deal effectively with challenges of all types: practical, tactical, strategic and personal. The approach allows people to break out of unhelpful or redundant behaviour patterns and to produce breakthrough results in any area. For example: dealing with challenging work issues; influencing others; making critical decisions under pressure; motivating others; fulfilling commitments.

“High Performance Principles”:  Performance Impact coaches use a range of High Performance Principles from our “toolbox” to support clients to have performance breakthroughs. 


Examples of our High Performance Principles include:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Powerful partnerships
  • “Buy-in” 
  • Qualities and attributes of highly effective people
  • Conditions for “performance breakthrough”

These “High Performance Principles” create performance breakthroughs that produce results that exceed expectations on many levels.


Performance Impact Master Coach Training programme

The Performance Impact Master Coach Training programme is a four-part training that includes professional coaching supervision. The programme is focused on participants applying what they learn in order to make a substantial, quickly noticeable difference to the situations they encounter; on “real-playing” these situations; on receiving personal feedback and on “modelling” the Performance Impact coaching style.

The Performance Impact Master Coach Training programme can be booked either as an inclusive four-part programme, or as individual leaning modules


Part 1 - Foundation Workshop

Workshop content:

  • Principles of professional coaching
  • How to build a powerful coaching partnership
  • Understanding human design
  • Merlin principle
  • “Three Act” approach
  • Listening states
  • How to establish a foundation for transformational coaching
  • Practicing the foundational elements of transformational coaching
  • Mid-programme assignments

Part 2 - Consolidation Workshop

Workshop content:

  • Review of coaching experience
  • Stages in the transformation cycle
  • Creating the conditions for performance breakthrough
  • Practicing “issues resolution” coaching
  • Working with the principles of buy-in
  • Centring yourself and your client
  • Managing your presence as a coach
  • Techniques for cleaning and creation
  • Mid-programme assignments

Part 3 – Momentum Workshop

 Workshop content:

  • Review of coaching experience
  • Practicing the five elements of transformational coaching
  • Uncovering a client’s preferred working style and “unique” personal contribution
  • Matching your coaching approach to the needs of the clients
  • Acknowledging and celebrating results and accomplishments
  • “Holding” and supporting disappointments or unfulfilled expectations
  • Learning how to dissolve issues and resistance
  • Introduction to specialist coaching
  • Working with challenging situations
  • Mid-programme assignments

Part 4 - Sustainability Workshop

Workshop content:

  • Review of coaching experience
  • Stages in professional development
  • Understanding cultural and social conditioning
  • Developing authenticity and your individual coaching style 
  • Developing skills for specialist coaching (eg. career and life transition coaching)
  • The hero’s journey
  • How to review and complete a coaching programme
  • Collecting, receiving and working with personal feedback about your coaching skills
  • Creating your development plan to become a Performance Impact master coach
  • Assignments for development towards master coach accreditation


Realising Performance Potential© Licence

Participants are eligible to be considered for a licence to use the Performance Impact Realising Performance Potential© proprietary methodology for coaching others when they have:

  • Completed this four-part Master Coach Programme
  • Completed sixty hours coaching practice under supervision
  • Demonstrated coaching skills and the application of the Realising Performance Potential© methodology  to a high level of proficiency 



Please contact us for more information about the Performance Impact Master Coach Training Programme including information about programme dates and fees.

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