Working with people professional training


The Performance Impact working with people professional training programme is for those wishing to become highly effective in their personal and professional interactions with people.


This is a multi part programme that will allow you to master the Performance Impact proprietary Realising Performance Potential© consulting approach for breakthrough performance in personal and professional life.

This programme can be booked either as an inclusive four-part programme, or as individual learning modules

Realising Performance Potential©

This Performance Impact proprietary approach has been developed by Ann Bates, founder and Managing Director of Performance Impact. Ann developed the approach from the best of Western business practice, from Eastern wisdom and from over 25 years personal development.

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The Realising Performance Potential© approach is unique and different. It taps into each person’s natural abilities, and ignites the creativity and power in organisations; bringing transformation to business and freeing the potential in individuals. Clients experientially increase their personal awareness and gain access to commercial, social and emotional intelligence in a way that is practical, integrated, exceptionally powerful, distinctive and not available in programmes that are based on traditional teaching and learning methods.

The Realising Performance Potential© approach produces breakthrough results in a wide range of situations, including areas such as performance, leadership, change, sales effectiveness, realising project ambitions, life and life-style.

The Realising Performance Potential© methodology is based on the principles of experiential and non-linear learning, incorporating our “Three Act Approach” and Performance Impact’s “High Performance Principles”.


In-company and open programmes

We provide both in-company programmes tailored to the requirements of individual organisations and open programmes for participants from different organisations.


Programme structure

The Performance Impact, Working with People professional training programme is a multi-part training that includes professional supervision. The programme is focused on participants experientially applying what they learn in order to make a substantial, quickly noticeable difference to others in a business and personal setting; on receiving personal feedback on their practice and on “modelling” the Performance Impact style, which is highly effective in the challenging environments in which individual and organisations operate.


Part 1- Foundation Workshop

  • Qualities and attributes of highly effective people
  • How to build powerful partnerships at work and in personal life
  • Human design
  • Merlin principle
  • Understanding personal and professional transitions
  • “Three Act” approach
  • Introduction to the elements of effective dialogue
  • Practicing the elements of effective dialogue
  • Creating an empowering context for your personal and professional life
  • Assignments to practice the Realising Performance Potential© approach

Part 2- Consolidation workshop

  • Review of interim assignments
  • Uncovering your preferred working style and “unique” personal contribution
  • Stages in personal and professional development; how to support each stage
  • Securing the buy-in of others to objectives, to intended ways of working and aspirations
  • Making powerful, authentic, engaging proposals
  • Understanding the conditions for performance breakthrough
  • Creating a “ frame” for individual transformation
  • Techniques for centring yourself and managing your presence
  • Assignments to consolidate your skills working with the Realising Performance Potential© approach

Part 3 – Momentum workshop

  • Review of interim assignments
  • Appreciating the limitations of the “traditional” paradigm for work and life
  • Realising the opportunity of a “new” paradigm for work and life
  • Collaborating with people with different needs
  • Building a team with the desired skills, experience, values and motivation
  • Dealing with competing priorities
  • Addressing complex issues and challenging situations
  • Understanding and being responsible for the “shadow” you cast over others
  • Keeping balance & perspective
  • Developing self awareness
  • Cultivating presence

Part 4- Sustainability workshop

  • Review of interim assignments
  • Matching your approach to the needs and styles of others
  • Engendering the values and practices that create outstanding teams and communities
  • Learning how to dissolve issues and resistance associated with challenging situations
  • Acknowledging and celebrating results and accomplishments
  • “Holding” and supporting disappointments or unfulfilled expectations
  • Understanding the impact of cultural and social conditioning
  • Developing your authentic personal style and way of being 
  • The hero’s journey
  • Creating a development plan to become a Performance Impact Master Practitioner
  • Assignments for development towards Performance Impact Master Practitioner accreditation

Realising Performance Potential© Licencing 

Participants are eligible to be considered for a licence to use the Performance Impact Realising Performance Potential© proprietary methodology for training others when they have:

  • Completed this four-part programme
  • Completed sixty hours practice under supervision
  • Demonstrated the skills and the application of the Realising Performance Potential© methodology to a high level of proficiency 


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